Cancellation & Lateness Policy


We operate on a 15 minute lateness policy when it comes to late arrival. 

Please respect our time and also other clients, as it takes time to produce quality work.

If we have a client due directly after your appointment, you will have to rebook your appointment. Otherwise your slot will be shortened and you will still be charge the full amount.

Please message us at lease an hour in advance, if you are going to be late.

If you give late notice (less than an hour), you will lose your deposit and will have to rebook another appointment. 



Deposits are non-refundable but you can reschedule your slot (max 1x) outside of 48 hours from your appointment. 

If you cancel less than 48 hours notice of your allocated time slot your deposit will be non-refundable. 

We run a strict policy for no-shows. If you don’t attend your appointment without any notice, to book with us again you will have to pay the full amount for your missed appointment and rebook with us.