Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are silk, mink, or lightweight synthetic lashes applied directly on natural lashes. The extensions are applied using a semi-permanent adhesive by a professional lash artist. 

Additionally, the extensions are mostly applied on the top lash line, and they are applied either in “clusters” or “fans” or individually.

When using lash extensions, especially if it’s the first time, you might fear having unnatural results or allergic reactions. This is why it is necessary to consider all the factors before using eyelash extensions to get your desired look.

Are lash application safe?

Yes. The adhesive used to bond the eyelash extension to your natural lash is an odourless medical grade adhesive. The adhesive does not come into contact with your skin or eyes. For all new clients, an adhesive patch test will be carried out at least 48 hours prior to their first appointment with us to determine any possible sensitivity.

Our Most Popular Styles


Classic Individual Eyelash Extensions - Book Here

Our original and ever-popular eyelash extension style, as the name implies Individual lashes are applied individually to the natural eyelashes, one on one, either as a Full Set (100% coverage of the natural lashes).

We recommend individual lashes for if you want to achieve the mascara effect or just want to add lengths or curls, we are trained to carefully apply lashes keeping them healthy. 

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions - Book Here

In Russian Volume, several individual eyelash extensions are applied to each individual natural eyelash using a fan technique. The lashes used in this very specialized process are superfine and superlight, so anything from 2 to 6 lashes can be applied to a single natural lash without losing the comfort and lightness of a regular lash set. Russian Volume eyelash extensions give a gorgeous, full and feathery look.

This is recommended for those who want a fuller look, if you think you don’t have enough natural lashes then this is the extension treatment for you.

Russian 2D/3D - Book Here

These are much thinner lashes than individuals, where a flair of 2 or 3 lashes are combined and applied to one your individual lash. These lashes will add fullness and darkness.

Russian 4D/5D - Book Here

These are much thinner lashes than individuals, where a flair of 4 or 5 lashes are combined and applied to one your individual lash. These lashes will add fullness and darkness.

Russian 6D/8D - Book Here

These are much thinner lashes than individuals, where a flair of 6 or 8 lashes are combined and applied to one your individual lash. These lashes are dramatic and add a thick appearance. 

Hybrid Lashes - Book Here 

The Hybrid technique combines both these lash application techniques in one set of lashes, hence the term ‘hybrid’, giving clients and Lash Stylists the freedom to create a truly individual and bespoke lash style without the uniformity of either Individual or Russian Volume lashes.

A typical method for the application of Hybrid lashes is to create a framework of individual lashes and then fill in the gaps with Russian volume eyelash extension fans, to achieve a non-uniform, textured look with a density somewhere in the middle of the two styles.

Kim K Lashes - Book Here

This is the most booked service of all our treatments. Using Russian volume lashes (handmade fans) this creates a wispy appearance that replicates the strip lash look - not too dramatic but noticeable enough.

Hybrid lashes - are a mixed blend of classic and volume and have the benefit of definition from classics with a touch of softness and fluffiness from russian volumes. But remember if you want very wispy look than definitely Kim K is still a better choice. We recommend to get hybrid lashes for someone for who individual lashes are not enough and it feels to natural.

Lash Lift - Book Here

Want something completely natural? Don’t want extensions but still would like to open up your eyes. Lash lift is a low maintenance treatment which requires a booking every 6-8 weeks, whereas lash infills would require every 3 weeks).

Semi-permanent lift and curl of your natural lashes, acts much like a perm. As the treatment requires bending your natural lashes over a curved silicone shield and applying a perming solution. For a fuller look we recommend applying tinting which is a gentle dye for your lashes.


 Eyelash Lengths


Eyelash Volume 


Eyelash Extension Curls



Infills - Book Here

If you need a top-up individual lashes or handmade fans can fill in the gaps in your lash extensions which can shed after 2-3 weeks. Twisted lashes or outgrown will be also removed, therefore its important that you come no later than 3 weeks time.

Any lashes after 3 weeks from treatment would be charged as a new full set.

For infills you will need to have 40% lashes left meaning that you can’t come within 3 weeks will 20% lashes left. In this situation we have to do a new set without a removal. As the technician will need extra time to remove old lashes for extra price and to do a new set. 

Lash removal  - Book Here

A special cream which breaks down the bonds of the adhesive used to glue lashes to your natural eyelash. Within around 5 minutes, the eyelash extensions will fall off. This is how lash removal is done without being a damaging process.


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